Random crap

Came across this old wallscroll of Tomoyo I’ve had for a while but never put up. Tomoyo might be the largest breasted woman I like in anime. Has such a cute tomboyish personality, then to see her blushing and wearing only an apron is too cute. Took down my RE5 wallscroll and replaced it with this.

Also have a daki too that’s pretty dang cute.

In other news I finally got to see the Twins new stadium last Sunday as they played my favorite team the Brewers. I’ve always sorta kept up on the Brewers the past couple years but this year I’ve really been following them close…. unfortunately. They got hammered pretty hard the first game on Friday 15 to 3, then we lost a close one the next day that went into 12 innings. I was lucky to have tickets for the 3rd game that the Brewers finally won 4 to 3. Was a lot of fun. Was 15 rows up from left field where my favorite player Ryan Braun plays. Record is 18 and 27 now but it’s still early in the season and we seem to finally be getting our pitching straight. Forgot my camera tho and my iphone kept freezing up so I wasn’t able to get many pics. That field is beautiful tho and a 1,000 times better than the Twins old Metrodome.

Would love to go back and watch another game here later this year when the Twins play a different team so I can finally cheer for them.


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