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Hidarmari Sketch x SP

October 29, 2011

Subs can’t come fast enough…


Fall 2010 Must Watch List

September 7, 2010

Well sorry about disappearing for an entire month. Would like to say I’ve been too busy with starting school, but that’d be a lie. Just been pretty lazy lately. Anyway chart fags has finally released their fall anime list.

Must watch list!
#1 on this list has to be Ore no Imouto Kannani Kawaii Wake ga Nai! or oreimo for short. Love what I read from the light novel and know this anime should be a huge hit.
#2 Soredemo Machi wa Mawattereiru. Shaft + Shinbo + Maids = anime I gotta see.
#3 Yosuga no Sora. Well… dunno much about this other than it’s based on a VN and I have the cg set on my hard drive. Still wanna see.
#4 Index season 2. Hopefully better than the first. Railgun was a lot of fun tho.
#5 Hetalia season 4. China and Chibi Italy = ❤
#6 Fortune Arterial. Another VN based anime. IDK just usually like anime based on VN's

Probably watch list
#1 MM! Know nothing of this other than it's from the same studio as Kanokan. Might be alright.
#2 motto To Love Ru. First season was unremarkable… might give it another try tho if only for Mikan.
#3 The World God Only Knows. Only know about it through the list. Might give it a go.

That's it for now. Got some books form C78 on the way. Might share pics when they ship in.

Tsukhihime reference in Hetalia?

July 30, 2010

So anyway recently I’ve finally started watching Hetalia. Show is friggen awesome. Of course my favorites are China, Poland, and Chibi Italy and the Holy Roman Empire are too cute together too. I just came across this scene and was scratching my head for a minute what it reminded me of.

Finally realized it was from one of the first scenes of the Tsukihime VN. Uncanny huh?

Fav Anime and J-Pop songs PT 2

July 21, 2010

Part two of my post to further damage my reputation as a weeboo.

Karen Girls


^My favorite IOSYS song.

Silver Forest

Not a big Touhou fan but I do like some of the IOSYS and Silverforest songs.

Guardians 4


Mikuni Shimokawa

Eh I could keep going but I’ll end this here. I should be back home soon and just maybe I’ll make a real post.

Some of My Favorite Anime/J-Pop songs PT 1

July 17, 2010

Thought I’d weeaboo a bit out by posting some of favorite anime, visual novel, and J-pop songs. I’m still not home so let the automatic posts keep rolling!

I’ll start of with possibly my favorite group Mosaic.wav

For some reason couldn’t find the original so here’s the gay version.

Some Halko Momoi and Under17



Haruka Tomatsu

Enough for now. Part 2 comes in a couple days.

It’s friggen here biznitches!!

July 3, 2010


The greatest thing ever created is in these packages ^_^



Also got this last week but forgot to share it. The second greatest thing ever.


concert is alright. Was disappointed with Ayuru’s performance in her first song, but she sounded better in her duet with Mai Kadowaki. Her voice kept shaking in her first song. Everything but the concert of course comes with the English dubs and subs. Silly thing is the back of the dust cover can be used as two post cards to send back to Fuso to tell of your heroics.

Moetan figure.


Strike Witches season 2

June 24, 2010

Photobucket Poster from the latest Nyantype I just got.

Saw the preview posted at the main site and I’m a bit relieved. Animation so far looks just as pretty if not better than season 1. Speaking of Strike Witches my Bluray’s just shipped. Can’t friggen wait.

Inazuma Eleven

June 13, 2010

After seeing the hundreds of delicious pics popping up on the booru’s, I decided to finally pick this sports anime up. Now I have the lowest of expectations on this shounen sports anime based on a DS sports rpg, but who cares as long as I get see a few of the cutest shoutas ever. To celebrate gonna share a few of my favorite pics.


Best pic for last ^_^

Random crap

May 26, 2010

Came across this old wallscroll of Tomoyo I’ve had for a while but never put up. Tomoyo might be the largest breasted woman I like in anime. Has such a cute tomboyish personality, then to see her blushing and wearing only an apron is too cute. Took down my RE5 wallscroll and replaced it with this.

Also have a daki too that’s pretty dang cute.

In other news I finally got to see the Twins new stadium last Sunday as they played my favorite team the Brewers. I’ve always sorta kept up on the Brewers the past couple years but this year I’ve really been following them close…. unfortunately. They got hammered pretty hard the first game on Friday 15 to 3, then we lost a close one the next day that went into 12 innings. I was lucky to have tickets for the 3rd game that the Brewers finally won 4 to 3. Was a lot of fun. Was 15 rows up from left field where my favorite player Ryan Braun plays. Record is 18 and 27 now but it’s still early in the season and we seem to finally be getting our pitching straight. Forgot my camera tho and my iphone kept freezing up so I wasn’t able to get many pics. That field is beautiful tho and a 1,000 times better than the Twins old Metrodome.

Would love to go back and watch another game here later this year when the Twins play a different team so I can finally cheer for them.

Summer anime lineup

May 21, 2010

So far only really excited for the Amagami and Strike Witches anime. Really like the KimiKiss anime adaptation so I have high hopes for Amagami. As for Strike Witches I really hope season 2 lives up to season 1’s greatness. Hope AIC doesn’t mess this up. I’ll look into everything else as more info is released on them. Possible good ones Mitsudome, Shukufuku no Campanella, and… nothing else I can see so far.