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Fav Anime and J-Pop songs PT 2

July 21, 2010

Part two of my post to further damage my reputation as a weeboo.

Karen Girls


^My favorite IOSYS song.

Silver Forest

Not a big Touhou fan but I do like some of the IOSYS and Silverforest songs.

Guardians 4


Mikuni Shimokawa

Eh I could keep going but I’ll end this here. I should be back home soon and just maybe I’ll make a real post.


Some of My Favorite Anime/J-Pop songs PT 1

July 17, 2010

Thought I’d weeaboo a bit out by posting some of favorite anime, visual novel, and J-pop songs. I’m still not home so let the automatic posts keep rolling!

I’ll start of with possibly my favorite group Mosaic.wav

For some reason couldn’t find the original so here’s the gay version.

Some Halko Momoi and Under17



Haruka Tomatsu

Enough for now. Part 2 comes in a couple days.