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Fav Anime and J-Pop songs PT 2

July 21, 2010

Part two of my post to further damage my reputation as a weeboo.

Karen Girls


^My favorite IOSYS song.

Silver Forest

Not a big Touhou fan but I do like some of the IOSYS and Silverforest songs.

Guardians 4


Mikuni Shimokawa

Eh I could keep going but I’ll end this here. I should be back home soon and just maybe I’ll make a real post.


Some of My Favorite Anime/J-Pop songs PT 1

July 17, 2010

Thought I’d weeaboo a bit out by posting some of favorite anime, visual novel, and J-pop songs. I’m still not home so let the automatic posts keep rolling!

I’ll start of with possibly my favorite group Mosaic.wav

For some reason couldn’t find the original so here’s the gay version.

Some Halko Momoi and Under17



Haruka Tomatsu

Enough for now. Part 2 comes in a couple days.

It’s friggen here biznitches!!

July 3, 2010


The greatest thing ever created is in these packages ^_^



Also got this last week but forgot to share it. The second greatest thing ever.


concert is alright. Was disappointed with Ayuru’s performance in her first song, but she sounded better in her duet with Mai Kadowaki. Her voice kept shaking in her first song. Everything but the concert of course comes with the English dubs and subs. Silly thing is the back of the dust cover can be used as two post cards to send back to Fuso to tell of your heroics.

Moetan figure.


Cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

June 5, 2010

Came across this video on Nico Nico Douga a while ago, and recently decided to track it down and uploaded to youtube. About the cutest thing I’ve seen.

Waai and some other stuff.

May 6, 2010

I’m sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve been gone for a bit dealing with real life. Can be a real bummer sometimes. Anyway I got some new awesome stuff while I was gone ^_^ Including the new Trap Magazine Waai. Since I can’t read japanese I just really wanted to get the first volume just to see what it is about. Unless there’s some awesome extras I wont be getting anymore. But I gotta say I love the cover art by my all time favorite artist Akira Kasukabe! Some pics from inside the mag.

Some info about the new eroge Cross Days. Downloaded the trap H scenes already but I gotta say they’re pretty meh. Ruined by crappy animation and stupid moaning voice acting. Wanted to slap whatever seme was fucking Yuu and just say stfu and just fuck him! Jeez… Stop talking.

More H games. Also had something about some new Otoboku VN from Caramel Box that I won’t care about since I hate straight trap pairings.

Some stuff on that stupid Hideyoshi trap from Baka to Test to Shokanju… He’s an alright trap but I hate all these supposed non “trap fags” slobbering all over him justifying it by saying it’s not gay cuz Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi and not a guy… Whatever fags… he has a dick and you still wanna jam yours in his mouth. Man up and admit it.

Mariya one of my favorite anime traps. Don’t think I’d love him as much if it wasn’t for those super awesome UDK doujins. Also the decent trap Masaki from Sasameki Koto. Lots of moon runes here so I have no clue what they’re saying about them.

In the middle is quite a bit of manga I hope to see translated. None ero tho unfortunately T_T

Pretty dang cute.

As cute as they are traps are still guys and could still potentially kick your ass if you provoke them.

Pretty decent fanservice pic later in this manga I should upload later with this trap getting cream splashed all over his face.

Next couple pages are of some pretty good art by some of my favorite artists Yu Ueda and Makita Masaki.

And of course the awesome extra that came with it. A pair of bloomers.

Two other things. A figure of Shirley from Strike Witches by amiami. Not too big a Shirley fan and def don’t like big boobs but this is a step for me in my quest to collect figures of all the Strike Witches.

Also just in time for the wonderful announcement of the anime my super awesome Kirino shirt from the ligth novel series Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga nai. Or short as Oreimo. Once the anime is out and all the other stupid weeaboos are slobbering over her I can say I liked her before she was cool.

also have a couple megami mags but I’ll save that for later.


April 17, 2010

Well finally started studying Japanese. Til now pretty much all I know comes from watching too much anime. Would be nice to one day be able to play eroge and visual novels without waiting years for a translation to be released. Currently highest on my list to try is Bittersweet Fools with character designs and cg done by Yu Aida well known for his Gunslinger Girl manga. Then also Kud Wafter, spinoff from the Little Busters game being released this summer.

Bittersweet Fools op done by Makoto Shinkai

Kud Wafter teaser

Books I started with are Japanese for Busy People and Read Japanese Today. Normally I think I’d do better in a formal class but there aren’t any classes available here. If anyone has any recommendations or tips I’d be glad to hear them.