Fall 2010 Must Watch List

Well sorry about disappearing for an entire month. Would like to say I’ve been too busy with starting school, but that’d be a lie. Just been pretty lazy lately. Anyway chart fags has finally released their fall anime list.

Must watch list!
#1 on this list has to be Ore no Imouto Kannani Kawaii Wake ga Nai! or oreimo for short. Love what I read from the light novel and know this anime should be a huge hit.
#2 Soredemo Machi wa Mawattereiru. Shaft + Shinbo + Maids = anime I gotta see.
#3 Yosuga no Sora. Well… dunno much about this other than it’s based on a VN and I have the cg set on my hard drive. Still wanna see.
#4 Index season 2. Hopefully better than the first. Railgun was a lot of fun tho.
#5 Hetalia season 4. China and Chibi Italy = ❤
#6 Fortune Arterial. Another VN based anime. IDK just usually like anime based on VN's

Probably watch list
#1 MM! Know nothing of this other than it's from the same studio as Kanokan. Might be alright.
#2 motto To Love Ru. First season was unremarkable… might give it another try tho if only for Mikan.
#3 The World God Only Knows. Only know about it through the list. Might give it a go.

That's it for now. Got some books form C78 on the way. Might share pics when they ship in.



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