Boys in Maid Outfits gallery.

Thought I’d combine 2 of my biggest fetishes and roll them into one gallery. Cute Boys + Maid Dress = LOVE <—Simple scientific formula developed by NASA and Einstein.

Forever will hold a place in my heart. Yuki-kun = love.


11 Responses to “Boys in Maid Outfits gallery.”

  1. therik Says:

    You are SO GAY

  2. MinHee Says:

    I thinks these are cute XD

    good job. * High five ;D*

  3. Abby Says:

    Nice. :3 I like boys in maid outfits xD They’re so cuute! owo

    Where is that guy Yuki from? *o*
    He’s hot xD And I can’t seem to find him :[

  4. Dan Says:

    here’s the link for the manga of Yuki-kun

  5. jeff Says:

    All of you people are gay.

  6. tieuham Says:

    Beautiful~~~ where you find all that

  7. Misty Says:

    This made me so happy… Thx for posting them

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