Happy Anniversary to Me.

Well I thought it was coming up soon but when I checked I found out it was actually today. So happy one year of blogging to me. Thank you to Omurqi and EroJun, my two favorite readers for still following me. Thank you I guess to everyone else, who seem to be interested in whatever crap I gotta say or wanna see my latest stuff I got in the mail. A bit surprised, but last month I actually got over a thousand page views. Over a year that’s 12,000 views! WOW! But of course that isn’t my view count for this year… maybe next.

To celebrate I suggestively prodded Ryou’s delicious face with creamy bits of cake.

Hobby Search also seemed to celebrate my Anniversary by sending two new figures of Eila from Strike Witches and Ruri from Martian Successor Nadesico.

Crappy iPhone camera… wish I could find my digital camera.

Oh yeah starting tomorrow I’ll be gone for two weeks so don’t think I up and gave up on the blog. I’ll schedule a couple gallery posts I guess or something.


3 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Me.”

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