Well finally started studying Japanese. Til now pretty much all I know comes from watching too much anime. Would be nice to one day be able to play eroge and visual novels without waiting years for a translation to be released. Currently highest on my list to try is Bittersweet Fools with character designs and cg done by Yu Aida well known for his Gunslinger Girl manga. Then also Kud Wafter, spinoff from the Little Busters game being released this summer.

Bittersweet Fools op done by Makoto Shinkai

Kud Wafter teaser

Books I started with are Japanese for Busy People and Read Japanese Today. Normally I think I’d do better in a formal class but there aren’t any classes available here. If anyone has any recommendations or tips I’d be glad to hear them.



2 Responses to “Japanese”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Japanese for Busy People is a really good series, I’m currently in Bk 2 and enjoy it very much. I haven’t used Read Japanese Today, so let us know how it is. The Let’s Learn Uiragana and Katakana books are awesome and Genki Japanese is quite good.

    Also, Smart.fm is an incredible Online learning site and completely free! If you have a DS you can find many elementary school learning games for studying Kana or Kanji.

    Besides that, my only other advice would be to move to Japan, it’s totally rad and you get to speak Japanese everyday.



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