wut i has sawed this season

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#1 biggest surprise was Mayoi Neko Overrun. Kanae Itou makes such an adorable tsundere. <333333 Nikai Shineeee!!!! Gonna be lapping up every single ep. Loli ojou-sama is cute too.

#2 Arakawa Under the Bridge. ep 1 made me laugh pretty hard at least twice. This could be good.

#3 Angel Beats. Disappointed overall with ep one but could get better. That band scene was amazing tho. Getting tired of all the Haruhi comparisons. Fucking haters.

#4 B Gata H Kei. Thought I might not like it but this show is stupidly cute.

#5 Heroman. Animation was purdy… but the best part of this show is Joey. He's just adorable. Patiently awaiting doujinshi of this show.

#6 Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan. Bishie overload @_@. Was actually disappointed that the main girl was actually a girl tho T_T. She's still cute i guess.

#7 K-On. Show is still cute… just hate the music. The ed was alright but still wont be on my mp3 player anytime soon.

#8 Kiss x Sis. Still worth watching if not just for the fanservice and wincest. Why do they have to be the older sisters tho T_T?

#9 Working. Stupid fake lolis… stilll cute tho.

cute was said 5 times in this post adorable only twice…


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