My room part 1.

Well my room is finally clean enuf to take pics of so I thought I’d share it.


Might take down or move that RE4 wall scroll one day… don’t like that string taking up that space… this just in. You can see a orb flying just above. Onoes! My room is haunted!


another orb in front of my filthy crappy blinds… should just get new ones.


Who was that in my bed?


My adorable little Kudryavka Noumi <333 don't actually have a body pillow tho. Put two pillows in it for the pic. Should finally get a body pillow one day.


Have a figure of Louise like that cardboard cut out but it’s not out right now.


Closet is a bit of a mess… below is a close up of the wall scroll on the inside of the door. Can’t get the whole thing in one shot tho because there’s not enuf space.


More to come tomorrow.


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3 Responses to “My room part 1.”

  1. chii Says:

    well at least you learned to take pictures better 😛

    i like that RE4 scroll hehe and i want the ichigo M poster

  2. MarMar Says:

    Just noticed there’s an orb flying just above my Resident Evil 4 poster in the first pic. Do you need any more proof that ghosts exist? fools

  3. tyciol Says:

    Your room is amazing. I’d like a room like this someday.

    Ideally: I bring back girls and show it to them, and if they stick around, waifu material.

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