What I’ve been watching so far this Winter season

Hidamari Sketch Hoshimitsu – So far this is THE anime I look forward to every week. Those girls just get cuter and cuter.

Baka to Test to Shokanju – It’s alright. Hideyoshi is a pretty decent trap for some reason I can’t quite place he’s not my type.

Ladies vs Butlers – Was nervious about this one sine I thought it was gonna be like Kanokan which I didn’t like too much. It’s alright.

Shugo Chara Party! – Probably the other anime I look forward to watching every week. I could never get enough of Shugo Chara adorableness and look forward to every week’s shugo nail painting and Shugo Bomber eps. That new girl Rikka is just love. And I wanna bang Ran and maybe Miki’s rl actresses. See? I do like some rl girls….

Tegami Bachi – The anime I don’t look forward to watching every week. Someone told me there was an uber cute loli in this and the next thing you know she gets me to watch 14 eps into a crappy anime with a super annoying main character and I’m like… well since I’m already over half done might as well stick it out. Ep…. I think it was 17 was pretty dang good tho.

Sora no Woto – Was sorta dissapointed in this show. Cute girls + military uniform = <33333 right? Well yes. yes it does. But this anime is kinda meh so far. Ep 7 was pretty good. Would like to see more eps about the history of the war and maybe why the heck it’s going on. C’mon! I’m too lazy to read the wiki article.

Hanamaru Youchien – nice to see a show that’s purely just cute sometimes.

whhhhaaaattt??!!11eleven no Vampire Bund? Well I didn’t like the manga much so I’m kinda trying to avoid this show. Heard it’s a tad dif from the manga which might make it good. We’ll see once a dvd rip batch is released. Tho Mina Tepes isn’t my ideal loli. 1 she ain’t acutally a loli, and 2 she doesn’t act like a loli.

Oh… and in case you didn’t know I’m super excited about Angel Beats coming out next season….


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