What do ppl see in Gundam?

Honestly? Annoying emo teenage pilots, total lack of military discipline, and I guess I’m just not a mech head. Currently watching the original Gundam.


5 Responses to “What do ppl see in Gundam?”

  1. Enzer Milliard Says:

    Who needs logical plot progression, well made characters, and real world military discipline when you can have explosions? Lots of explosions, everywhere, or G Gundam which is basically a fighting game turned anime.

  2. MarMar Says:

    Exactly… closest I’ve come to caring about a character is that I thing Char looks kinda cool. Why can’t more military animes get it right like Full Metal Panic?

  3. Enzer Milliard Says:

    That’s a good question, I’d love to see a third raid or even another fumoffu, but it looks like that may be a while…

  4. bluedrakon Says:

    Mecha Head – I love the Gundam mech. Other than that, you are right as it seems to be the same story line over and over again. Except G-Gundam which was just wierd.

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