Back by popular demand!

Well I’ll share my boring personally life since I have nothing witty or profound to say. I recently got an apartment and am in the middle of moving out… Slowly. Wanted to be moved out by now but a Hyundai Accent doesn’t haul much. Anyway it’s a 3 bedroom apartment I’m sharing with my brother, third bedroom is the computer room. It’s an old apartment building that I found out my mom actually lived in 50 years ago when she was litte for a year. Crazy stuff.

Least now I can find some decent shelves to display my anime, video game, and manga collection. Will also celebrate moving out by putting up all my fav megami/nyantype/or what ever posters for a bit and take some pics. Then quickly take it down as I don’t wanna look like a complete loser. Will also only have a few figures displayed at a time and rotate them out. You see my brother actually has ppl that visit him and I don’t wanna look like a complete nut case. Found a decent bed for $400 bucks. Firm but I don’t give a shit. All the little shit I need is starting to add up, I might actually have to get a job soon. Maybe.



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