Some new crap I’m excited about.

Needless to say what I’m excited for the most is the Kud Halloween figure, which was a Comptiq magazine coupon exclusive. So I had to buy her off of Yahoo auctions. Ended up paying about 150 dollars total. T_T Small price to pay for such adorableness… if I could have gotten her for normal figurine prices I woulda for sure gotten a backup…. and yes I know I need to vacuum.


2 Responses to “Some new crap I’m excited about.”

  1. Otaku Dan Says:

    how’s the maria holic manga, is it any good?

    • MarMar Says:

      I’ll let you know once I start… too busy oogling Edy Nelson and playing Valkyria Chronicles to do anything else. DAMNIT! why couldn’t Edy of been in the beach chapter? She damn well better be in a swimsuit once I start the anime.

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