Top ten lolis

A top ten loli list I made some time ago.
top lolis
Sexually attracted to them or not you have to admit each and every one of them is completely adorable.

Next post will be about the Otaku Encyclopedia I bought a while ago.


4 Responses to “Top ten lolis”

  1. quantum_flux Says:

    Anime is so hot. It’s really a hot artform. Man is that hot stuff right now. I’ll bet advertising could take a cue in general…..”Where’s My Jetpack?” Japan, that’s probably where.

  2. momo-chan Says:

    So where’s your shota and furries lists?

    Also I’m a big doodoo head! Derp derp derp

    • MarMar Says:

      hmmm… haven’t given much thought to a shouta list and the Furry one isn’t happening… nuf slander out of you

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