Finshed Zeta Gundam

Well I finished Zeta Gundam a while ago. Well it was ok… if I had to score it I’d give it 6.5 out of 10. There seemed to be hardly any military discipline with the pilots. They seemed to disobey direct orders and take off whenever the felt like it with hardly any repercussions. You’d think they’d do something after the 100th time some emo teenage pilot takes off without clearance. This is the one common theme with military anime and why I don’t like most military anime. Only one that’s even close to being realistic is FMP which is why it’s my favorite.

What have I been doing since then? I’ve been trying to catch up on Shugo Chara Doki (Amu-chan is love!) and watching Fist of the North Star. At first I found Hokuto no Ken kinda hard to watch. Just kind of ho hum and never really wondered how Kenshiro was gonna make it through this ep like back in the day when I watched DBZ cuz he always just dominated who ever he was facing. However I’ve been enjoying watching all the gruesome ways ppl die in this anime. Plus lately they’ve been going more into Ken’s past which is kinda interesting. And I think I’m developing a man crush on Rei.
Look at him… Just a mountain of manliness.


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  1. mbile suit gundam unicorn Says:

    This gundam serie is the best. I cannot overlook my initial time watching Gundam Wing then know about Japanese mobile gundam. Hope to possess a lot more great gundam serie within the future

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