Anyone who knows me either in my IRC channel #issup on rizon or from anime-planet knows that i have a deep fascination with trap characters. I can’t quite explain why…. but I’ll try.

Words I use could be quite…. naughty. If you are offended by vulgar words please stop reading.

First off traps have my ideal body type (DFC). I can’t stand large boobs and prefer lolis, shoutas, and traps cuz it’s “almost” impossible for them to have large boobs. Note how I say almost >.<

Second: Knowing that such a cute little thing is hiding one of those underneath that little skirt is super cute.

Third: I have a cute things take it in the butt fetish… i don't know why but I like it when cute things get it jammed in there. And well since traps are ummm guys there's only one place to stick it.

That's all I can think of now… I've always liked trap characters, but never allowed myself to be sexually attracted to them til I came across Mako-chan from Minami-ke. He was just so cute I couldn't contain myself. I scoured the internet for every doujinshi I could find. Since then I have become infatuated many more traps. Hayate (or should I say Hermione) Ayasaki, Mariya Shidou, Jun Watarase, and most recently Ryou Akizuki are a few examples. For ppl that are just so hung up on traps being guys I ask this. What does having a penis have to do with being cute? What's cute is cute and that's what I like most. What anime watcher hasn't watched an anime saw a super cute anime character and said, "Wow. I'd bang her!" then when they find out that she's actually a he they're totally repulsed. Why? Are you that worried about your masculinity? Just accept that you thought he was cute. Does it make you gay? Who the hell cares!


2 Responses to “TRAPS!!!”

  1. Derek Says:

    Personally I don’t mind traps. Everybody has their own thing they are into so have ate it. I even like the idea of dressing in girls cloths but im strictly hetro-sexual. Im willing to admit they are cute and are still cute after the fact, but as soon as I find out its a real turn off.

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