Lot’s of new goodies!!!

Yesterday I got a couple of packages from Hobby Search and rightstuf!
From rightstuf’s Bandai sale
now that I finally own Gurren Lagann I’ll finally watch it. Hope it lives up to it’s hype.

Actually got this book last week when I ordered my Kodomo no Jikan dvd’s off of Amazon.co.jp. Actually not suppposed to be released in America til October! w00t!
Otaku Dictionary
These figures are fukken hawt! Finally got the complete set now!
Little Busters
Yes I know this is a dude… But I don’t give a damn. He looks so cute with nekomimi!
Trap Dakimakura
And last but not least!
Figure of my favorite NGE girl and my first tsundere love! Soooo cute in that maid outfit.

And I apologize for the crappy pics… guess I’m not a good photographer like Danny Choo.


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2 Responses to “Lot’s of new goodies!!!”

  1. Otaku Dan Says:

    no, you mean you not a good photographer like Otaku Dan

  2. MarMar Says:

    No matter how good of a photographer I am… I still has the Asuka maid figurine… and you don’t. Bwahahaha

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